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Hi, I'm khall or intergalacticdespot on the Google. I've been a GM since I was 15, and I really miss running a campaign, but I'd also like to share with another GM, or alternate, so I get a chance to play now and then. I like fantasy, sci-fi, and unique RPGs, TMNT was one of my favorites back in the day, but Cyberpunk/Shadowrun, D&D (SpellJammer <3), WH(/40k), Talislanta, and a lot of Palladium things, like Mechanoids, Robotech, Champions, etc. are all passions of mine. The first RPG I ever played was Star Frontiers with the neighbor kid next door. I'm 44, and living in Bellingham, it'd be easier for me to use some kind of interface, IRC, Skype, Google whitespace, and run/play virtually right now, but I can be pretty flexible. I'd be really interested in getting together with other locals and having a regular group again.

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New Guy!

Hey folks... Just moved to the area (Burlington, technically)

Kinda in search of some possible D&D games out there... I'm most familiar with 3.5, but I learn quickly... I love playing spellcasters and non-human or half- races, and I love the creative and roleplaying side of the game. I tend to draw about a bajillion pictures of my toons and almost always have a physical token to represent him/her... I never play my bard without a harmonica in the room. :) I also have a TON of 3.5 books on pdf, in case anyone out there is interested in playing but don't have the money for a lot of books.

I'm 30, tall and round and considered "jolly" lol. I'm upbeat and positive-minded, I like to laugh and be silly. I'm a city boy at heart trying to learn how to live in the country... I'm also openly gay, and NOT heterophobic. I get along with anyone friendly. If anyone out there sounds like they'd like to make a new friend, or bring in a new player, hit me back!

I don't drive, just use the bus, if that matters.

Thanks folks.

here's a picture of me:

and here's a drawing of one of my favorite toons, a half-dragon monk named Bo.



 I am looking to join or build up a gaming group.  I'd be happy to run (but cannot host) something scifi, and want to experiment with some indie systems.  I am a 30 something Bellingham native, long time gamer, and self employed student.  Let me know if you're interested.  Contact me at mckeeb [at] gmaildotyouknow what.


Looking for a D&D group

Hello there.

I just moved to Bham/Fairhaven and I've been hankering for some D&D for a while now, 3.5 specifically. If anyone has a game that meets once in a while and feels like they might benefit from another player, I'd love to sign up.

Name's Roscoe. Drop me an email or something
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ValhallaCon -- where heroic VikingCons go when they die

This coming Labor Day weekend (September 4-6), ValhallaCon is coming to the Bellingham airport Hampton Inn. ValhallaCon is a fantasy and science fiction convention that is the spiritual successor to the long-running VikingCon.

Our author guest of honor is award-winner Nancy Kress and our science guest of honor is University of Washington paleontologist Peter Ward.

There will be one track of panel discussions as well as informal coffee klatsches, gaming, and a central hospitality room.

We will have lots of other great guests, including author Alma Alexander, editor Patrick Swenson (Talebones and Fairwood Press), and author Cat Rambo, as well as up and coming authors from the Bellingham area.

Because this is a small convention, it will be a really intimate gathering that gives you the chance to connect personally with the authors and other guests.

For more information or to purchase a membership, visit Valhalla.

The membership rate on the site will remain at $45 for a little while because our Paypal person is at Worldcon. In the meantime, you can make a check out to VikingCon Organizing Committee and send it to PO Box 5171, Bellingham, WA 98227. Please make sure to include your name, address, phone number, email, and desired badge name.s eo ee.nih euoroo ValhallaCon -- where heroic VikingCons go when they diea fantasy and science fiction convention that is the spiritual successor to the long-running VikingCon.

Our author guest

Valhallacon Game Day -- Heroscape

Valhallacon game day is coming up on next Saturday, July 18th.  I'll be running Heroscape the first two sessions of the day (It starts at 10 am).  Because drafting armies takes so long, I'm planning on having prebuilt armies.  So here's my question to you.

What is your favorite Heroscape figure or squad?  Who do you think is a particularly good enemy for them?

See you at game day!
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July 18th Valhallacon Game Day!

We had such a great time we're doing it again!  Saturday July 18th the Valhallacon folks will be putting on a Game day in Eagles Game room from 10 AM to midnight.  Put it on your calendar.

We're looking for folks to run games (and folks to play games).  If you'd like to run a game email with a) what game, b) th number of players and c) preferred time slot. 

See you there!
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Twilight Imperium 3d edition open teaching game

Hey all,  I picked up TW3 ( in the last spring and have been playing with the same small group since.  I'd like to get a few more people in the pool, so that the regular game can be 5 people instead of 3.  If anyone interested in trying a new game out (or if you've played before) respond with you avaibability in the last week of January.  I'll probably hold the game in the Eagles game room, or maybe at Cosmic.

World of Warcraft miniatures?

This group seems to be mainly about tabletop RPG's, but is anyone here interested in the recently-release World of Warcraft miniatures game?  I'm trying to connect with other players in the area and gauge interest in in officially-sanctioned tournaments.